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Dots and Boxes LAN


This is a light simple version of the classical Dots and Boxes game over LAN. Tap the screen between the dots and try to make squares, and, in the same time, don't let your opponent do the same. If you create a square, you have the right to put another line, again. Who makes the most squares, wins. Both players must be connected in the same LAN (wifi or hotspot created by either player). One player creates the game (Server), the other joins it (Client). The initiator of game (server) creates a board of 4x4 and a limited time of 3 seconds per move, BUT he can join a game created by the Full version of a friend. The black rectangle, green message and sound show who's turn is. The Server/Client status is shown by highlighted corresponding color (Server-blue, Client-red). The player who put the last line, has the right to start a new game and play first (regardless of the winner).Good luck.